MDST 3040 Perception, Power, and the Media Course Blog: <http://fall2011mdst3040.edublogs.org/>

MDST 4500 Applied Media Research

THST 2450 Approaches to Media Studies Course Wiki:<http://approaches2mediastudies-m-lipton-w2010.wikispaces.com/>

MDST 4021/4022 Senior Research Project

THST 1200 Languages of Media: Film, Radio & Television

Graduate Studies 6220-6811 Critical Media Studies

AHSS 2130 Subcultures & Media Studies

ENG 4100/THST 4310 Semiotics of the Body (graduate offering also available)

other graduate and undergraduate offerings include:
  • Communication Studies: Internship Experience
  • Communication Theory/Perspectives on Communication
  • Digital Literacies or Literacy in a Wired World
  • Foundations of Education
  • History of Communication
  • Integrating Liberal Arts
  • Introduction to Media Criticism
  • Introduction to Media Literacy
  • Introduction to Mass Persuasion and Propaganda
  • Language, Thought and Culture
  • Mass Communication and Popular Culture
  • Mass Media and Society
  • Mass Media, Global Communication and the Future
  • New Student Seminar
  • Oral Rhetoric
  • Qualitative Field Research
  • Reading Readers Reading
  • Research and Writing
  • Teaching Literature & the Arts from a Political Perspective
  • The Body, Sex and Style in American Popular Culture
  • The Ethnographer’s Craft
  • The Social History of Russia